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A rigorous and robust organization, built on a foundation of proven and standardized procedures, which we deemed to be fundamental for an effective and high-quality system of production.


MURIEL is a cosmetic company specializing in the production of individual cosmetic products, complete lines, and semi-finished products at customer request.
Muriel is characterized by:


Based on a customer’s request, we are able to provide small batches of as few as 12 pieces!
We have differentiated production lines, which also allow us to produce batches of
between 100 to 10,000 pieces.

Great experience

Every day, for 34 years, we have studied new products, and consistently meet new and evolving requests.
Our know-how is truly vast!

Completeness of the service

If the customer chooses, we take care of everything. That includes services that go
beyond the product, including but not limited to graphic design, packaging, brochures,
distribution, logistics, legislation, and technical courses. 
This is full-service!

Wide range

Our knowledge and production facilities allow us to create Cosmetics, Hygiene Articles,
Household Products and the Environment, Technical Products. We currently operate
over 3000 formulas!

Eco-organic products

We are certified by ICEA for the production of organic cosmetics.
Our products are in compliance with the AIAB, COSMOS, and other regulations.
We take care of relevant documentation for certification to certification agencies.


We scrupulously observe the European legislation regarding our sector, and in
particular the R.E. 1223/2009. We carry out the regulatory aspects concerning this
legislation, in particular Notifications to the European Commission (CPNP)
We operate in compliance with GMP Rules - Good Manufacturing Practices - (UNI-EN
ISO 22716).

Innovative philosophy

We are not focused on our sales, but on creative collaborations with our customers, with the potential to last and grow in the future. This is why we invest our resources and passion in responding to every proposal!



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