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A long history

that runs parallel

to the evolution

of the world of cosmetics


The origins

MURIEL was founded in 1954, in Genoa, born from the idea of bringing about a product to address the needs of female vanity. Muriel is an American woman's name; at the time of the company’s founding, it was common to give Product Lines or even companies in the sector female names.
In those years cosmetics’ needs were primarily addressed by perfumeries, but Muriel decided to also collaborate with professional users, hairdressers, beauticians, and some pharmacies. The products were strictly Muriel brand and the Frenchisms abounded on the packages. There was even a beauty contest celebrating "Miss Muriel" ...



In the early eighties, this first cycle of corporate life was exhausted, primarily due to the confused situation of the market. At the time, specific legislation was missing and resulted in the onslaught of the first aggressive advertisements and increasingly “industrialized” producers.

In 1986, in the original location in Genoa Pegli, the Company was reborn in the following corporate form: the owners, biologists from medical and university research, belief in natural products, as well as a commitment to and care of handicraft production, in functional cosmetics. Thus was born the collaboration with the Herbalist and Pharmaceutical sector, which still constitutes an important part of the clientele today.

Soon, Muriel, in order to satisfy increasingly wide market demands, specialized entirely in customized products marketed with the customer's logo. This change obviously lead to the intensification of research, study, and the derivation of new formulas. Responding to the demands of a constantly evolving clientele, forced Muriel to adopt new production systems in order to address the needs of the cosmetics market.

In the meantime, the legislation became strict and precise, all of which proved advantageous to serious and rigorous companies, like Muriel, who must have formulation and production protocols in place.



Since 1995, first in Italy, Muriel released the "Cosmeceuticals" line, whose term today is unfortunately often used a misnomer, but which for Muriel specifically refers to products born from a collaboration of medical-aesthetic centers and pharmaceutical companies of the highest level. Collaborations with institutions and universities were also born.



In 2001, the then inadequate Pegli premises were abandoned and the Genoa Sestri production facility was built, equipped with modern and efficient laboratories and facilities. In addition to advanced technologies, the facilities were staffed with employees armed with care, competence and pride characteristic of artisanal production laboratories.


In 2009, Muriel obtained ICEA Certification for the production of bio-ecological cosmetics


In 2012 Muriel was transformed into an SRL, while preserving the company’s original values and ideas.
In recent years, the constant demand and evolution of the market has led to an expansion of company spaces and a marked improvement in production systems. The use of modern and advanced software, as well as increasingly efficient equipment bolsters a strategic management system of the internal organization, total traceability of the processes, as well as safety and comfort in the workplace.



Despite the uncertainties and contradictions of current historical circumstances, the history of Muriel continues, with unchanged passion and confidence in the future.

Ugo Stancari
Ornella Pallavicino

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